Chapter 958

EAA Chapter San Marcos, TX

Young Eagles

EAA Chapter 958 holds "Young Eagles" events throughout the year. The goal of the National EAA Young Eagles Program was to give one million young people ages 8-17 a free introductory airplane flight by the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first powered flight. This goal was reached in October '03. The Young Eagle website announced on November 13, 2003 that Young Eagle 1 million (Andrew Grant of German Valley, IL) flew with Flight Leader Rick Ellis on Oct. 25, 2003. Though the goal was reached, the program continues today.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in being a Young Eagle please contact 




Larry's new RV7A

Again, thanks to everyone who came out Saturday to support the program and special thanks to Steve Sewell, Larry New, Larry Bowles and Mike Short for providing their aircraft and skills to fly the kids.






Steve Sewell

Larry Bowles RV7A

Guy made arrangements for the kids to see the inside of the control Tower.

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